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EXOBIOLOGIE.ORG - Gravitational Brainwaves and Evolution


Exobiologie.org is a French non-profit anthropological association. We defend an evolutionary theory according to which the human anatomical description could be complete only by integrating the emission-reception of Gravitational Brainwaves into cognitive processes. In this context, we believe that certain topics could contribute to the research program initiated by ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE


GravWave® LLC TEAM

A group of individuals in the United States and abroad who have a common interest in High-Frequency Gravitational Waves.

ROBERT ML BAKER Jr, Principal Investigator and Project Manager, was born in Los Angeles on September 1, 1930. He has been married to his wife Bonnie since 1964...



In 2002, the astrophysicist Robert ML BakerJr says at given lectures at the Max Planck Institute of Astrophysics in Germany and at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Genoa, Italy, that...

Anthropo-Exobiological (Æ)


Convinced that the characteristic of our species is centered on our cerebral capacity to generate high frequency gravitational waves (HFGWs) from vacuum energy...


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Digital program of exobiological exploration adapted specifically to bio-medical research.

Transtemporal self-communication by High Frequency Gravitational Waves.

Gravitational Brainwaves and Evolution

Gravitational brainwaves, from exosymbiotic animal modeling to an Anthropo-Exobiological theory

Mounir Belgacem – Gravitational Brainwaves and Evolution, 12 Bvd Thibaud de Champagne, 77600 Bussy-Saint-Georges, France. RNA W771014208. contact@exobiologie.org

Article Offered at Publication - (AMEM)


It was suggested that the emission-reception of gravitational brainwaves by our nervous system, in a direct brain-to-brain communication, could be an indispensable key to understanding the phenomena of near death experience. Recently, a new field of biomedical exploration is emerging.  It focuses on the possible interactions between gravitational waves and the nervous system, as well as their possible influences on our health. In this framework, it seems likely that gravitational wave transmitters-receivers specific to medical investigation will be tested in the near future. The necessity to develop an animal model capable of identifying and quantifying the impact of these gravitational wave interactions on biological systems could therefore become a major concern. Based on three principles concerning the diffusion, interception and decoding of gravitational brainwaves in the multiverse, an exosymbiotic animal modeling is discussed. It is postulated that some species would be able to communicate with exobiological replicas of themselves, as could real twins. This possibility, offered by the so-called gravitational neurophysiology, would explain the sometimes extraordinary behavior of animals. In addition, this so-called gravitational neurophysiology, could confirm in laboratory that our species would come from a line that was able to extract itself from natural selection.


It was suggested that the emission-reception of gravitational waves by our nervous system, in a direct brain-to-brain communication, could be an indispensable key to understanding the phenomenon of near death experience (NDE) [1]. Recently, a new field of biomedical exploration is emerging.  It focuses on the possible interactions between gravitational waves and the nervous system, as well as their possible influences on our health [2]. In 2007, the physicist Daniel Bar predicted that the production of gravitational waves by a large number of nervous systems, could one day probably be detected by one of the interferometer currently in service. Naming these radiations «  gravitational brainwaves  », Daniel Bar postulated that they must be inseparable from any neurophysiological approach [4]. In this context, it seems likely that, in the near future, gravitational waves transmitters-receivers specific to medical investigation will be tested, particularly in the resuscitation and recovery rooms. In 2002, Dr. Robert ML Baker Jr stated in a lecture given at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Germany and at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics of Genoa in Italy, that it was quite possible to master the creation and reception of High Frequency Gravitational Waves (HFGWs) in the laboratory. In addition, He recently stated that research on brain-to-brain communication should be encouraged [5]. The need to develop an animal model capable of identifying and quantifying the impact of these gravitational wave interactions on biological systems could therefore become a major concern. In this sense, the first step in building a meaningful animal model should be the understanding of the exact role of these gravitational brainwaves would play in animal physiology and whether if this role has evolved over the process of the hominization.


It is considered here that the very existence of gravitational brainwaves would predict an incompleteness in the description of current ethological models. The theoretical studies carried out on the gravitational waves in general, and particularly those which could suggest a paradoxical effect on the perception of the course of time, lead to postulate that the gravitational brainwaves would be able to enlighten us on an animal behavior remained obscure until now: precognition.  The physicist Giorgio Fontana proposed, as part of the debate on high frequency gravitational waves, that propagation phenomena associated with superior dimensionality be applied. He postulated in the context of the multiverse theory, that future events would already exist and could be detected [6-7]. In this framework, it would seem that gravitational brainwaves can constitute the ideal medium at the origin of these extraordinary avoidance behaviors which are sometimes relayed in the press. Many testimonies report that in certain situations, and particularly natural disasters, certain species could show surprising capacities of anticipations [8-9]. The hypothesis put forward here is that the emission and reception of cerebral gravitational waves could be at the origin of this famous sixth sense so often evoked. This sixth sense that  beyond the five senses we usually talk about (taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing) is often invoked in terms of special power to detect the future. This original model could stimulate the establishment of transitional experiments of these precognitive phenomena, by identifying them with those made in humans [10]. The association of the term exosymbiosis with the model is used because this ability that apparently some species would be able to communicate with themselves over time, could only be done indirectly. These phenomena could be the reflection of a symbiosis that would take place in an exobiological relay, precisely with an advanced life form occupying another cosmological niche. This possible animal exosymbiosis would be articulated around three principles from the work of physicists in particular, and concern the propagation, interception and decoding of high frequency gravitational waves in the context of brain-to-brain communication.

2-1 First principle :

The first principle of the model would be to consider that the exobiological program of interception and decoding initiated by Robert ML Baker would have started long ago but at the expense of the earthlings. In 2016, the physicist postulated that the first encounter with exobiological entities would be achieved by the interception of their interstellar communications, these advanced beings probably using direct brain-to-brain communication via high frequency gravitational waves. He would estimate at least 1500 the number of these messages crossing the earth each day. It is postulated that these famous advanced beings would have long ago intercepted (hacking), decoded and studied the gravitational brainwaves emitted by terrestrial species. These decodings and studies would consist in simulating the emission of cerebral gravitational waves received, seeking to reproduce the structures that would be at their origin (cloning).


2-2 Second principle :

The second principle would be to extend the interception and decoding program initiated by Dr. Robert ML Baker to Giorgio Fontana's truly ecological approach of the universe. His work has highlighted the effects of temporal distortions related to the diffusion of high frequency gravitational waves in the multiverse. The exosymbiotic animal modeling presented thus integrates the idea that the diffusion of  gravitational brainwaves through other dimensionalities would also induce time shift effects.

2-3 Third principle :

The third principle of the model would consists in deducing from the two preceding principles that each species capable of emitting cerebral gravitational waves in the multiverse could have an exobiological copy of itself, that is to say a perfect twin ( cloning). These species would then potentially be able to telepathically communicate with their exobiological twins [11].


By laying the foundation of the concept that animals would be able to communicate with exobiological replicas of themselves, and that these communications would be established from the emission-reception of  gravitational brainwaves, the proposed  model could participate in the construction of new fields of neurophysiological and anthropological experiments. In the latter case, it would confirm the ideas defended by the co-discoverer of evolution Alfred Russel Wallace about our evolution. He considered that the march towards the human species was linked to the existence of one or more "extra-human intelligences", able to act on matter and influence our spirit [12-13]. Hominization could thus be described in terms of a process of weakening peripheral sensory probes (vestibular, auditory, olfactory and taste) in favor of a larger brain, one of whose main functions would have become interception. of gravitational brainwaves. By increasing its surface and cortical density, our brain may be able to improve the reception of gravitational brainwaves and their interactions with  electromagnetic brainwaves [14]. During the observed retreat of peripheral sensory probes, the intensification of cerebral gravitational wave production would have been enhanced by one of the consequences of cell migration. The quantum entanglement of the cells involved in the construction of the new encephalic sensory organ, would have allowed to accumulate potential quantum energy, the same one that physicists Juan Maldacena and Leonard Susskind attribute to the emergence of the spatio-temporal fabric : "The whole geometry of space-time could depend on quantum links between particles. "Gravity would emerge from entanglement" [15]. By confirming his ability to self-organize fractally, [16] our brain would have been able to convert and exploit the energy of the vacuum to optimize its survival [17].


Researchers Robert ML Baker, Giorgio Fontana and Ravikumar Achuta Kurup provided relevant information on the construction of this model.




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Alfred Russel Wallace

​Alfred Russel Wallace, born January 8, 1823 in England, is a naturalist, geographer, explorer, anthropologist and biologist. He is the co-discoverer of the theory of evolution through natural selection with Charles Darwin.

It was the proposal of his theory that prompted Charles Darwin to publish his earlier than expected. Wallace was also one of the leading evolutionary thinkers of the nineteenth century, contributing to the development of the theory of evolution thanks to the concept of warning colors in animals or Wallace Effect. He is also considered an expert on the geographical distribution of animal species and is sometimes called the "father of biogeography".


Wallace rejected the idea that the struggle for survival was the central mechanism of human emergence. Of man, writes the naturalist, "the vertical position, the absence of hair, the harmonious perfection of the hands, the almost infinite capacities of the brain, constitute a series of correlated advances too important to be put on the account of a struggle for life led by an isolated group of monkeys in a limited area. " (1)


His experiments and observations compelled him, "in a rigorously inductive process" (2), to conceive of the existence of a "superior law" (3), of one or more "extrahuman intelligences" (4), capable of act on matter and influence our mind. "The reasoning that leads me to believe that this doctrine will one day make it possible to account for certain phenomena that still resist natural selection, follows a perfectly logical and scientific approach" (5)


Wallace explains as follows:

"The conclusion that I believe can be drawn from these phenomena is that a superior intelligence has guided the march of the human species in a definite direction and for a special purpose, just as man guides that of many forms. animal and vegetable. "(6)

It is in this sense that Alfred Russel Wallace stated that:

"... the raison d'être of the universe was the development of the human spirit." (7)

Some historians tried to discredit the objectivity of Wallace's conclusions that natural selection was insufficient to explain the development of consciousness and the human mind. To do this, his adherence to spiritualism was instrumentalized.

Wallace's experts denounced this defamatory attempt, now that these observations remained independent of his philosophical convictions. (8) Charles Lyell adopted Wallace's ideas on human evolution, in defiance of Darwin's. (9) (10)


"Some anti-clerical spiritualists, like Wallace, consider that the future progress of science will bring these" strange "phenomena into the strict field of scientific research, and they base this certainty on the recent past. electricity and magnetism, it is possible to create phenomena that would have been considered as miracles not long ago ... Spiritualists believe that there is another world, outside and above the material world, a world governed by laws and populated by spirits who sometimes show themselves to us ... " (11)

 "(...) during the long periods during which the animals underwent in their whole structure modifications important enough to constitute distinct genera and families, equivalent changes could, in the man, affect only the head and the brain, while his body remains generically, and even specifically, the same, so we can understand why Professor Owen, basing himself on the characters of the head and brain, places man in a distinct subclass of mammals, while admitting that by the bone structure of his body he is very similar to the anthropoid apes, "each tooth, each bone, being exactly homologous, so that the determination of the difference between the genera Homo and Pithecus constitutes the great difficulty of comparative anatomy. "

Our theory recognizes these facts and reports them; what perhaps further confirms its truth is, that it obliges us neither to diminish the intellectual abyss which separates man from monkey, nor to dispute in the least the striking similarities which exist between them to other points of view. "(12)

 "Among the civilized nations of today, it does not seem possible that natural selection should act in such a way as to ensure the permanent progress of morality and intelligence, for it is undoubtedly the mediocre minds, if not the inferior ones. double point of view, who succeed best in life and multiply the fastest.

However, there is positively a progress, in fact permanent and regular, either in the high moral influence on public opinion, or in the general desire for intellectual culture. As I can not attribute to this the survival of the fittest, I am forced to conclude that it is due to the progressive force inherent in the glorious faculties which elevate us so far above other animals, and which at the same time furnish us with the proof of the the existence of beings other than ourselves, superior to ourselves, from whom we perhaps hold these faculties, and towards which we tend perhaps to rise. "(13)

 "(?? ...) I think I have proved that as soon as his intelligence, while developing, had passed a certain lower level, this progress rendering useless the modifications of his body, he had to cease to be materially affected by natural selection. " (14)

 "Darwin goes so far as to repeat, that a single case of this kind would be fatal to his theory, so if we find in man any characters which, as far as we can prove, have had to to be harmful to it at their first appearance, it will be obvious that they could not have been produced by natural selection, as would the special development of an organ if this development were, or simply unnecessary, or exaggerated compared to its utility.

Similar examples would prove that another law or force other than natural selection must have come into play. But if we could see that these modifications, though useless or originally harmful, have become of the highest order. much later, and are now essential to the completion of the moral and intellectual development of man, we would be led to recognize intelligent action in anticipation and preparation for the future, as surely as we do when we see the rancher undertaking a definite improvement in a breed of domestic animals or a cultivated plant. I would also point out that this study is just as legitimate and just as scientific as that of the origin of species. It is an attempt to solve the opposite problem. It is a question of discovering a new, well-defined force to account for phenomena which, according to the theory of natural selection, should not take place. "(15)

"It is difficult to find two characters more different than the development of the brain, and the distribution of the hair on the body: and yet both of them lead us to the same conclusion: It is a force other than natural selection has contributed to their formation. "(16)

"We can also mention, among the characteristic points of man difficult to explain by natural selection, some other details less important in my opinion than the preceding ones, for example, the specialization and perfection of the foot and hand (. ..) it has the appearance of an instrument prepared for civilized man, and without which civilization would not have been possible. "(17)

"It is difficult to understand how this mystical feeling of good and evil, which is intense enough to triumph over ideas of personal advantage and self-interest, could have developed through an accumulation of utility experiences ..." (18)

"The theory according to which a leading intelligence would have controlled for a personal purpose the action of laws of variation, multiplication and survival ... We know, however, that this leading action has been exercised, and we must therefore admit as possible that, if we are not the highest intelligences of the universe, a superior mind has been able to direct the work of the development of the human race, by means of agents more subtle than those which We must recognize that this theory has the disadvantage of requiring the intervention of a distinct individual intelligence, contributing to the production of the intellectual, moral, indefinitely perfectible man, which we can not help but consider as the ultimate goal and ultimate result of all organized existence, which implies that the great laws which govern the material world have been insufficient to produce man, unless we admit (what we can do in good faith), that the control of higher intelligences is a necessary part of these laws, as the action of the ambient world is one of the agents of organic development (.. but in my opinion it has the double fault of being unintelligible and impossible to prove. It is more probable that the true law is beyond the reach of our mind; but we have, it seems to me, many indications of its existence (...) "(19)

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Giorgio Fontana

Giorgio Fontana was born in Trento, Italy on June 11, 1957.

He received his doctorate with a specialization in electronics at the University of Padua in Italy.

 In 1984 Dr. Fontana became the Head of the Electronics Laboratory of the Department of Physics of the University of Trento.

 In 1995 he became the head of the computer center of the Faculty of Science (physics and mathematics) of the University of Trento and in 2000 he was advanced to the Head of the Electronics Laboratory of the Department of Information and Communication Technology at the University of Trento.

 Dr. Fontana has developed scientific instrumentation in the field of laser measurement and characterization of materials, ion transport and analysis, superconductors and related devices, cryogenic semiconductor electronics, optics, gravitational-wave Weber bar detectors and computer systems.

 Recently he has been involved in the development of technologies for atomic time transfer and synchronization, high speed data switching and fiber optic amplifiers and sensors.

 Dr. Fontana is interested in the development of new technologies for space travel with gravitational waves and is involved in the development of a suitable theoretical/engineering model for FTL travel through the Hyperspace.

Currently he instructs in computer simulation and electronic circuit courses at the University of Trento.

Dr. Fontana is a member of the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN). He has authored well over a dozen scientific papers related to High-Frequency Gravitational Waves (HFGW) in internationally recognized technical journals. He participated in the first International HFGW Workshop at the MITRE Corporation in 2003, the second International HFGW Workshop at Austin, Texas in 2007 and the third at Huntsville, Alabama in 2009.

Publications and Communications


Mounir Belgacem

Mounir Belgacem is a French physiotherapist born in Saint-Cloud on July 6, 1971.


He proposed in November 2014 a new human evolutionary model that integrates the neuroanatomical description of the discovery of Leonard Susskind and Juan Maldacena.


By linking the quantum entanglement to the gravitational tissue, according to a geometry called the Einstein-Rosen bridge (ER = EPR), he defends the idea that the neuroanatomic description can only be complete by integrating the different characteristics geometry of the 4 dimensions of space-time, particularly in relation to the scale of neurobiological processes. Extremely wrinkled to the scale of the unconscious, flat and smooth to the scale of consciousness:


« Mounir Belgacem is the first to apply this discovery to the quantum functioning of the brain, especially via the entanglement (or quantum entanglement) of the neurons that participate in its development ... »*


« This implies that the nervous system - and the brain in particular - must no longer be described in three dimensions, but in the four dimensions of this space-time ... « I understood that classical neuroanatomy would be revolutionized, says Mounir Belgacem ». By unveiling a new physical environment that is directly constitutive of neurological tissue, a new physical anthropological formalization integrating quantum mechanics has finally become possible ».*


It postulates that human evolution consists mainly of the emergence of a gravito-quantum brain microchannel weaving (ER = EPR) of the fabric on which the operations resulting from the cognitive dialectic (consciousness-unconsciousness).


Thus, In the framework of the fractal relativistic formalism, he predicts that during the decision-making process, High frequency gravitational waves would be generated naturally, participating in the gravitational cooling of the brain:


« He also explains that," like a wand stirring in water and producing wavelets, the brain radiates not only thermally but also gravitationally. "With the key to disturbances such as high frequency gravitational waves, which would in particular be the source of the cognitive artefacts responsible for the impressions of decorporation in the near death experiences. »*


It thus anatomically demonstrates that human anatomical transformation can mathematically be reduced to an overall entanglement of the brain cells, due to a « neuto-intricator » cellular jet originating from the craniofacial contraction, according to the laws in force especially in the plant world:

« ... he defends a theory according to which" human evolution would be governed by the same laws of self-organization as those implemented in the plant world. »*

Publications and Communications



In 2002, the astrophysicist ROBERT ML BAKER Jr says at given lectures at the Max Planck Institute of Astrophysics in Germany and at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Genoa, Italy, that it is quite possible, to master the creation and reception of High Frequency Gravitational Waves (HFGWs) in the laboratory.

In 2007, the physicist Daniel Bar, in his article "Gravitational Brainwaves, quantum fluctuations and stochastic quantization", explains that the brain must irremediably radiate gravitationally by its electrical operation.

In November 2014 and then in May 2015, MOUNIR BELGACEM, physiotherapist, presents his Anthropo-Exobiological theory, which integrates the discovery of Leonard Susskind and Juan Maldacena, ER = EPR, in the neuroanatomical description.

He defends the idea that the neuroanatomical description can only be complete by integrating the different geometrical characteristics of the 4 dimensions of space-time, particularly in relation to the scale in which neurobiological processes take place. Extremely wrinkled to the scale of the unconscious, flat and smooth to the scale of consciousness.

Within the framework of the fractal relativistic formalism of Laurent Nottale, he predicts an natural emission of High Frequency Gravitational Waves during the decision-making process , thus evoking a new approach to understanding the phenomena of Near Death Experience.

It demonstrates anatomically, that hominization can mathematically be reduced to an overall entanglement of the brain cells, due to a "neuto-intricator" cellular jet resulting from the craniofacial contraction, according to the laws in force in the vegetable world .

In January 2016, in an article entitled "Application of High Frequency Gravitational Waves to the cataclysmic event of our first encounter with intelligent extraterrestrials", Robert M.L Baker declares:

"Advanced beings probably use direct brain-to-brain communication and have concluded that research into brain-to-brain communication and the detection of HFGWs (high-frequency gravitational waves) should be encouraged."

In May 2016, begins a collaboration between Exobiologie.org and the Gravwave Team®, wich culminates in October 2017 in the merger of the project Exoklima© with the "Main Project" presented by GIORGIO FONTANA.

Indeed, in August 2017, the physicist also evokes the link that might exist between our cerebral gravity faculties of communication with the understanding of the nature of the multiverse and the role of the human in its evolution.

In April 2018 a discussion is initiated between Exobiologie.org and the Metabolic Disorders Research Center (MDRC) in India, led by the doctor RAVIKUMAR ACHUTA KURUP, which specifically tailor the Exoklima© program to carriers of autistic syndromes .

As early as 2015 Dr. Ravikumar Achuta Kurup in his article "Thought Field, Gravitational Wave Sounds, the Creation of Universe and Gravity Sensing Archaea." argues that gravity and gravitational waves in particular are an essential physical phenomenon for understanding cerebral physiology, and extends its work to include autistic disorders.

He tell us : "The brain is capable of quantal perception more so in the case of autism and schizophrenia. It is therefore possible for the human brain quantal computer to connect with exobiological intelligence in other galaxies.



Robert M.L Baker Jr

Robert M L Baker Jr, was born in Los Angeles on September 1, 1930. He has been married to his wife Bonnie since 1964 and has three grown children. Baker earned a bachelor's degree in Physics at UCLA with highest honors (summa cum laude – first in his class) was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, earned a master's degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Engineering at UCLA—the Ph.D. degree with a specialization in space navigation was, according to UCLA officials, the first of its kind to be granted in the United States.

 Dr. Baker was on the faculty of the Department of Astronomy at UCLA from 1959 to 1963 and the Department of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA from 1963 to 1971 as a Lecturer and Assistant Professor. During that time he was a Lecturer at the United States Air Force Academy. While on a two-year tour of active duty in the Air Force he worked on a variety of classified aerospace projects. He was the head of the Lockheed’s Astrodynamics Research Center in Bel Air, California and in 1964 joined Computer Sciences Corporation as the Associate Manager for Mathematical Analysis.

 In 1980 he was elected President of West Coast University, an accredited university for the adult learner (Western Association of Schools and Colleges or WASC and Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology or ABET) now operating under the auspices of American Career College in Los Angeles.

 After retiring from West Coast University in 1997 as President and Professor of Engineering, Dr. Baker became the Senior Consultant for Transportation Sciences Corporation and GRAVWAVE© LLC. He won the UCLA Physics Prize, was recipient of the Dirk Brouwer Award for outstanding contributions in astrodynamics and orbital mechanics, and was a recipient of the Outstanding Man of the Year Junior Chamber of Commerce award in 1965 presented to him by Ronald Reagan. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

 He was national chairman of the Astrodynamics Technical Committee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) from 1961 to 1964, was Editor of the Journal of the Astronautical Sciences from 1963 to 1975, was appointed by William Bennett to the National Advisory Committee on Accreditation and Institutional Eligibility of the Department of Education from 1987 to 1989, was appointed to the Academic Review Committee on Gravitational Research with the U. S. Army from 2001 to 2003, Head of Committee on High-Frequency Gravitational Waves of the Oakland Institute for Gravitational Wave Research 2002-, Vice Chairperson of the first International HFGW Workshop at the MITRE Corporation in 2003, Honorary Chairman of the second International HFGW Workshop in Austin Texas in 2007, Chairman of the third International HFGW Workshop in Huntsville, Alabama in 2009, Advisory Professor Chongqing University, China 2004, and was the author of several textbooks and over one hundred company reports, symposium papers, and journal articles in the area of astrodynamics, celestial mechanics, and High-Frequency Gravitational Waves (HFGWs) including An Introduction to Astrodynamics (1960) with Maud W. Makemson and Astrodynamics: Applications and Advanced Topics (1969).


Dr. Baker has been Project Manager on three prototype development, fabrication, and test projects under contract to the U. S. Navy and Principal Investigator on several NASA and USAF projects while head of Lockheed’s Astrodynamic Research Center. As President of West Coast University Dr. Baker coordinated the activities of six groups of scientists and engineers spread throughout Southern California. Dr. Baker has been interested in the dynamics of gravitational fields since the 1950’s and gravitational-wave research since the early 1960’s.

 He holds six patents and 14 pending patents in the United States, Europe, Russia, and China in the area of gravitational-wave generation and detection in the laboratory.

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